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Mcleod Road Traditional, 6325 142 St, Surrey, BC V3X 1B9, Canada
Feb 12 2020
Mar 11 2020
STEM Grade 4-7
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About the Program: 
This is a STEM program for Grade 4-7 students. The program is physical science and engineering based. The topics covered during the program will be closely aligned with the BC Science curriculum. There are a total of 5 sessions of 90 mins each. The focus of the program will be to enhance the class room learning through hands-on projects, and to teach engineering design principles and teamwork. 
About Each Session:
During each 90 min session, we would spend a few minutes on interactive computer simulations and real-life demonstrations (2-3 per session). We would then work on building a hands-on take-home project which will employ the principles learned during the class and then end the class with an activity where kids will use the project they built.

About the Hands-on Take Home Projects:
Each of the hands-on take home projects would be built using readily available resources which we will provide at the start of the session. Some of the supplies will include recyclable materials. The projects will be setup such that kids can complete them with minimal supervision yet have the flexibility to employ unique features to enhance individual learning. 
About Us:
We are a group of local engineers who are keen to improve interest in STEM education. We plan to conduct the sessions ourselves and share our engineering and design knowledge with the students.

Class dates

02/12/2020, 02/19/2020, 02/26/2020, 03/04/2020, 03/11/2020


Participants must currently be in grades 4 to 7.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 15

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/10/2020.

In-person location

Mcleod Road Traditional, 6325 142 St, Surrey, BC V3X 1B9, Canada

Room: Room 118

Registration closed.